Sunday 31 March 2013

Range Rover going to the paint.

Now that the RR as lost all its panels ( except the roof ) its time to have them painted.

You can notice that the inside panel have been treated with a rust proofing from dinitrol.

Repairing series 3 steering relay

We are all used for the steering of the old Land Rovers to be heavy, but recently it became more than what I could muster !

The steering box was refurbished recently, just before the 2012 trip, so problem had to be lower down the line. I came to find that the steering relay was completely seized,I surprised that I could even turn the steering.

First step was to removed to the steering relay :

Now where you expecting for the steering box to move so easy ? Not a chance ! Plan B !

Now, 10 tons where not enough, and when I tried a 20 ton jack, well let's just say that I got the feeling that if something was going to give it wasn't the relay !!!

So what did I do ? well, what I should have done in the first place, repaired the relay in situ !

First I opened the old box ! Atention, there's a very strong spring inside, follow the workshop manual carefully !

I bought a reconditioned relay ( cheaper that buying the necessary parts one by one )

I removed the inside bit, using jubilee clips to keep all in one piece !

After this was easy just to slip the inside bits back to the original relay.

After this the steering was completly diferent, compared to the old it felt like it had power steering .