Morocco 2012 Info

It was a long journey, below is a print from Mapsource of the actual route that we did.

A few numbers from the GPS:

Total days : 18
Total kms : 4878
Total moving time : 96 hours 14 minutes
Total stoped time but inside LandRover : 25 hours, 21 minutes
Moving average : 50.7 km/h
Top speed achived : 127.8 km/h

I have been asked about fuel consumption, but that was something I didn't record, all I can say is on road the land rover averages 15 lt to 100 km.

My main concern was autonomy on the longer pistes,MS8 and MS6, on both ocasions we arrived at the end of the pistes with about 35~40lt from the initial 90 lt that we carried.