Monday 30 April 2012

Ait-Herbil to Tafraoute,route MA2

Now this is a real gem.It began with a visit to the rock carvings in Ait-Herbil

Abdul, our young guide to the rocks

another photo

Just for you to have a better ideia why we got a guide, this is how thew rocks look from the base

... Tomorrow's planned route MA3 ( tafraoute->Tata) has been canceled, my co-driver is not feeling to well, so tomorrow is going to be a rest day.

Saturday 28 April 2012

Ksar Tifnidilt, TanTan and route MW4 Fask-Assa

Last night was really a tought night, the wind was blowing so hard that I had to tied the tent to the Land Rover to stop it flying away !!!
The mandatory photo in TanTan
There quite a few Land Rover Santanas in this region

About the route MW4, Fask to Assa, its been graded, it's just like a normal road without the tarmac. even so it was fun driving on that loose surface at 100 km/h in the series 3.

Hotel Nidoras, from what I'm told the only one in a 100 km radius

the famous teapot roundabout, it was disappointing, we where expecting something different, not made of concrete, and on top it broken !

Route MO1, Plage Blanche

Our journey is based on Chris Scott's excellent book "Morocco Overland", yesterday we did the route MO1, which includes 27 km in Plague Blanche . The route is nice, along the cliff edges, but the jewell of the day was the plague blanche. Driving on the beach with a series 3 Land Rover, listening to Monowar's "kings of Metal", it was a dream come true. If our journey ended here it would have been worth the 1400 km we did to arrive here.

Some pics from the beach

Resting after the beach !

Fishermen Sheds on the cliff tops

The view

Found these guys along the route

Legzira's Natural Arches

I've been without luck with the internet dongle, only today I'm able to put some photos. Day 26 was more of a connecting stage, we passed briefly by Agadir, and finished the day in Legzira. There's a few aubergs in the beach, we stayed at the Chez Abdull's Auberg. Unformately when we arrived it was high tide and we did drove on the beach.

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Casablanca, El-Jadida

Yesterday we visited Casablanca, and today Al-Jadida

Main atraction in Casablanca is the Hassan II mosque

Today we passed by El-jadida ( Mazag√£o) , a place that used to belong to Portugal, and there's still remains from those times, the most important one is the Portuguese Cistern

The Cromlech de M'soura and The battle of Alcacer-Quibirthe three kings

Yesterday I visited the "Cromlech de M'soura". It's place with over 200 monolithic stones, with sizes from 50cm to 5 mts, around a circle of 55 mt. more info here :

After, with great efort, since I don't speak french and much less arabic, I managed to find the place of the battle of the tree kings, or has we Portuguese know it the battle of Alcace- Quibir. It has a great meaning for the Portuguese history, and I believe it was worth the effort to see the place where the battle took place. There's a small monument there. more info

the real place is about 12km north of Ksar-el-Kibir, if anyone wants to go there I leave the name bellow

and before you ask, there's no European translation that I could find.

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Arrival in Morocco

Finally here, arrived yesterday, Ferry was late by almost 1 hour

Monday 23 April 2012

I'm off

After all the problems I had ( even the GPS refused to power on ) finally we hit the road, today we are sleeping in Algeciras, tomorrow Morocco!

Expedition LOGO

For good luck !

More Troubles

If it wasn't enough for the rear cylinder to go wrong, just noticed a small hump on the clutch's flexible hose. This is only the outer layer, but still to be on the safe side I replaced it.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Bleeding series brakes

Just finished fitting the brake cylinder.

 I leave a piece of advise that works very well for me, before you start bleeding make sure the brake cylinder is fully closed, so that no air can be trapped inside. I use a G clamp.

Hopefully the car is now ready for its adventure in Morocco!

Sunday 15 April 2012

Seized brake cylinder

Today to make it easier to fit a modified exhaust I lifted the rear right wheel, just to find out it was stuck!

Just it happens the piston has rusted inside the brake cylinder !

 Tomorrow I'm going to remove all the other wheels and check the brakes. And to think that I had the Land Rover tested a few weeks ago without any problems !!!