Friday 30 October 2015

Route MS12 Mecissi to Merzouga

The route started well, with nice open spaces, just the way I like it.

But, not much into the piste, a strong wind started, making visibility really bad. The image below is better than the reality at the time, it was dificult to see the piste !

The camp for the night...
...and the beautiful sunrise we got that morning

that morning something rare happened, it rained in the desert and we got the most beautiful rainbow, we could see the full arc.

a couple more photos, incluiding a well.

Thursday 29 October 2015

Route MS4 Tagounite to Alnif

After leaving M'hamid and the excelent hotel Tabarkat, we followed the piste MS4. We leave some images below .

Our camping place for the night :

At the end of the route, about 7 km from the N12 we came across a two guys, with a trycicle that refused to start. since I don't understand much about that vehicles, I offered to tow them to thee main road. They couldn't be more happy and said the own a cafe , next time I pass by the will give me a free lunch !

Wednesday 28 October 2015

School in M'hamid

One of the things I learned from my wonderfull wife is the love for children. With that in mind, I brought clothes, shoes, toys and school books and gave it at the school in M'hamid. The director gave us a friendly welcome and showed the school around, before visiting the classroom where it explained who we were and what we were doing there.

It was a very emotional moment for me !

Erg Chegaga

Arriving at M'hamid the objective was clear, to visit the Erg Chegaga, there's still a 50 km distance between M'hamid and the Erg itself.

We came across some fast parts...

...but also some sandy ones

but after a couple of hours the Erg was in sight.

Time for some fun in the dunes and more pictures.

Conection Midelt to Tazzarine

Because of the terrible weather in the North of Morocco,we runned down to the South, by Tarmac.

Even though is not the pistes that I was aiming for, the South, even by tarmac roads is very beautiful. I leave a few images below !

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Silver mines near Midelt and the Cirque de Jafare

Yesterday we visited the Silver mines near Midelt, they are abandoned now, but we can still imagine how it must have been when in full operation. I leave some pictures below

Monday 19 October 2015

Meknes to Midelt, monkeys of the florest of the Cedres

After getting the car fixed, we left Meknes in direction of Midelt, where we are at the moment.

beceause of the repair we where a little short on time, but still managed to visit the florest of the Cedres in Azrou. As beautiful the trees are, for me the highlight was to get so close to the monkeys ! I leave a few pictures below.

RR problems

A little more of bad luck, one of the bushes of the panhard rod gave up completly, so at the moment I', writing this I'm waiting for a new bush to be fitted in a garage on the outskirts of Meknes !

The weather forecast looks promising for the south, so as soon the RR is ready we will head that way.

Desert Rover 2015

Finally, after so many delays I returned to Morocco, this time I'm travelling with my good friend Sergio.

Yesterday I arrived at 18h00 at Algeciras, only to find out the the 21h00 ferry had been canceled, leaving only the 24h00 crossing available. Getting the most of a bad thing, we roamed the arbour taking some nice pictures.

This journey so far has been plagued by heavy rains, sometimes so strong that pass the windscreen rubber seal and enters the cockpit.

today we visited the place of the battle of the 3 kings, this battle took place on the 4th of August 1578, and it was the place were Portugal lost is king D.SebastiĆ£o.

This place is know to us portuguese as Alcacer Quibir, but for the Moroccan the place is called Ksar el-Kibir

In this friendly town we had change to eat some nice fish and because my friend is mad about trains, we went to the railroad station to see some of machines parked there.