Monday 19 October 2015

Desert Rover 2015

Finally, after so many delays I returned to Morocco, this time I'm travelling with my good friend Sergio.

Yesterday I arrived at 18h00 at Algeciras, only to find out the the 21h00 ferry had been canceled, leaving only the 24h00 crossing available. Getting the most of a bad thing, we roamed the arbour taking some nice pictures.

This journey so far has been plagued by heavy rains, sometimes so strong that pass the windscreen rubber seal and enters the cockpit.

today we visited the place of the battle of the 3 kings, this battle took place on the 4th of August 1578, and it was the place were Portugal lost is king D.SebastiĆ£o.

This place is know to us portuguese as Alcacer Quibir, but for the Moroccan the place is called Ksar el-Kibir

In this friendly town we had change to eat some nice fish and because my friend is mad about trains, we went to the railroad station to see some of machines parked there.