Wednesday 25 April 2012

The Cromlech de M'soura and The battle of Alcacer-Quibirthe three kings

Yesterday I visited the "Cromlech de M'soura". It's place with over 200 monolithic stones, with sizes from 50cm to 5 mts, around a circle of 55 mt. more info here :

After, with great efort, since I don't speak french and much less arabic, I managed to find the place of the battle of the tree kings, or has we Portuguese know it the battle of Alcace- Quibir. It has a great meaning for the Portuguese history, and I believe it was worth the effort to see the place where the battle took place. There's a small monument there. more info

the real place is about 12km north of Ksar-el-Kibir, if anyone wants to go there I leave the name bellow

and before you ask, there's no European translation that I could find.