Saturday 15 April 2017

New adition to the Land Rover family

 Time flies, that's an old saying and quite a true one ! this blog has been abandoned for one year, how bad is that ? Anyway got something new, that made me desire to write here again !

For a long time I've been a fan of the Land Rover 101 forward control, the car was made like the Land Rover should had made all the others, in one word, STRONG !

Axles , specially the diffs, robust gearbox and transfer, and the engine, reliably and relatively powerful, unfortunately very thirsty too, but has far I can see it's the only downside.

So when this one showed up for sale I had to buy it and here it is :

Here at my front door, with my soon at the wheel, he's a big fan of the car, which he call "grandalh√£o", portuguese word to define something big !