Wednesday 4 June 2014

Range rover back on the road and with new suspension

In these last few mounths have been very busy, with work and family, but now, in preparation for my 2014 expedition, work has restarted on the RR. First step is new suspension springs and dampers. I've choose Terrafirma, mostly because of price.

I went with the TF014 front springs and TF015 rears.Dampers are the sport version with 2" extra lenght

After the instalation

So far first impressions are good, the suspension is a litle hard, but that's to be expect with the increase in spring rate, but not uncomfortable or bumpy. In terms of lift, at the front it gained 3cm, at the back 5cm. I was expecting a higher lift at the front ( after all they advertise 2" ( 5cm ) lift ) and since I'm planing to fit a winch and a 2nd battery, I will probably need to look into other springs.

I finish todays post, with a note for all of you that lift their coil sprung Land Rovers, be carefull with the rear anti-roll bar ( if you decide to keep it ) because in cross axle situation the mounts can become inverted ! Let me tell you, it took me a while to figure out why the car was tilting to the left !!!