Sunday 13 July 2014

Fitting Superwinch EP9.0 - Part 1

Since we're traveling without another car, is important to have the means for self recovery and for that a winch make a really good tool.I tried to find the under bumper trays that used to be fitted to the RRC when new, but the ones I found where designed for winches that are long gone out of the marked ( Superwinch X6 and X9 )

So the plan was to make my own winch tray, and to keep costs down I borrowed the winch from the Series 3. Now something we must be carefull with, is with the size, the EP9.0 measures 610mm in lenght and there's only 630mm between the chassis rails. It fits, but just !

I've seen people using just the 2 front bumper bolts, but don't like that, so I created a 3rd mounting point, using 18*2mm thick hidraulic steel pipe and some DIN 9021 washers. This allows the fitting of M14 bolts, much stronger than the M10 used on the front bumper.

After it was just a question of welding and painting them black