Thursday 17 May 2012

Return home, and a few toughts

Like every good thing, our journey had to come to an end, it's been a week now that we returned, and my feeling is that we did a lot, but we left still so much to do.

Us finally at home

I want to leave 2 pieces of advice/warning, first be very carefull on your driving, expect the unexpected, always go slow no matter what, specially in cities, villages, etc.

On the last day, already on the road to Tanger, when I was going to overtake an old truck, I noticed it started to veer to the left, and to my big surprise the complete front axle came loose !!! It happened really fast, in split seconds the trucks was on its side on the oposite side of the road. Unfortunately a couple ridding a small motorbike was coming on the oposite direction and was hit by the truck ! We stoped immediately to give help, the truck drivers was ok, just in shock, but the couple from the motorbike were bad, but luckily it wasn't fatal. It seems that helmet's are optional in Morocco.

Another advice is in relation to young kids in the villages, I was told by the locals that the kids miss school to go and beg on the streets, which is something that is been encouraged by travellers for many years.I know every situation is different, sometimes they are really in need, others they just want something no matter what it is. We prefer to give to schools and social institutions where there's a better change for our offers to be of real use to the ones that really need it.

Below is just one of those schools

final warning, there's a small village along route MS6, Tagounite -> Merzouga, called Tafraouite, where the kids don't just beg for pens or sweets, they demand it, and when we gave then nothing ( we where on the last day of desert pistes, even if we wanted, we had nothing left to give ) they started shouting and throwing stones at the land rover. Also there was lots of touts, when we stoped in lake Maider near this village we got so much hassle,it was unbelivable !

After said all of the above I really hope I didn't discourage anyone from visiting Morocco, its a wonderfull place to visit, with lots of beautifull landscapes, and extraordinary people.

For us is definitely a country to visit again.