Sunday 13 May 2012

Tagounite to Rissani via Merzouga, route MS6, part II

The route was done in 2 days, the second day started with a visit to the "lost city"

This was our last day on the pistes, and also the hottest, for the first time I saw the water temp needle rise above normal, and oil temp was around 90º, when usually is below 80ºC

The wind was from behind, so that didn't help either. During a stop for lunch I got this reading :

It's common image that the desert is a hot place, which is true of course, but on this journey the heat was not a problem, but the wind was something else. It never stoped, going from a breaze to a mini tornado capable of blowing a tent into the air.

this picture marks a moment of great hapiness for us, we had finished the pistes, the desert routes where done! I know its not much of an expedition compared to others, but for first timers, alone with a old Land Rover, it meant a lot.

Finally a deserved rest !!!

I found that after 2 weeks and 3000 kms on the land rover, the camels fell a lot more confortable, lol.

Having fun driving on the Erg Chebbi dunes