Monday 7 May 2012

Tata to Tagounite - Route MS8

For me this was the start of the "big" pistes, something I've been dreaming for a long time . But before I still had time to visit Tissint and the waterfalls

After Tissint starts the piste :

on the book it says to go south around the army base, but has soon we where in their field of sight they waved us to pass trought a army checkpoint. There we got a nice surprise, the military where very friendly, making us feel welcomed. Have a form with all your details ready , they love it.
Some photos below:

Finding our way to Erg Chegaga

For that night the plan was to camp on the piste, but it was so windy that we asked the guy at the only auberg on the lake if we could camp there , for a small fee of course.

Next day, on the way to Erg Chegaga

On the Oasis Sácre there's a know landmark for Land Rover fans

the perfect end to a day on the piste, sunset on the dunes